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Self Injury

Panterra Caraway
09/10/10 03:39:58PM
Well, here I Utah again! Over the Labor Day weekend I had a scheduled call from daughter from the facility. She told me that she had had a physical incident again and thought her arm was broken. I got staff on the phone to ask what had happened, only to be treated rudely and hung up on! Here I am in Calif. and my daughter is hurt and no one will tell me anything! Not to mention that I sensed she was having a "bad time" with her Bi-Polar. I felt sooo angry and confused. I eventually got the whole story...Intially Blaze told me that staff had hurt her and you can imagine what I thought of that!!! I got on the phone...demanded that I be flown to the school, called the police, went ballistic! Finally got here Wed.the 8th, only to find out that my daughter had hurt herself. Her wrist is fractured quite seriously. I went with her to have it cast and we spent the last two days together. All I worried about was if she will do this again, especially since it got her a visit from her mom. I am struggling to understand why she would hurt herself. She said she never intended to go that far...just pounding on walls out of anger. I came because I love her and wanted her to know that no matter what I am her parent...she is my heart. It is difficult to understand what goes on in her mind. I worry that this will never end..the calls, the lying, the tears, the drama. This is my childs life...and mine too.
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