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result at work

user image 2010-03-21
By: iluvblutak
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so, today i had my first day back at work with the start of dreadlocks in my hair.
i work in a vegetarian restaurant as a chef so i didnt think it would impact and i was right.
the only things i had was some odd looks when i walked in the front door... i dont think the other staff recognised me untill i started speaking and they promptly put on bob marley which did make me chuckle.
The only slightly negative comment was from my boss, she took a while to say anything about my hair and i could see that she was trying to find the right words and courage to ask me about it. she then asked me who did my hair (me) and then she asked if she could touch my hair after-which she simply said 'you had such nice hair'
so all round pretty boring i think. but some interesting conversations will follow on later when my dad comes to visit and then my grandma is visiting too, i dont think she'll be too impressed but i suppose we'll find out.
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/21/10 02:13:13PM @soaring-eagle:
ive said this b4 i was a vista for a year i worked in an office managing 200 volunteer web desigbners, for the interview i worse a tam and tucked my beard dreads inside my shirt1st day at work though i took off the tam and the president of the company walks by stops dead and just says "wow" then walked off.. that was the only time my hair was ever even mentioned or commented on

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