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This made my day

user image 2010-03-20
By: iluvblutak
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i just wanted to share something i got told today
This morning, i was walking through york, along the main highstreet. This may not sound unusual but let me fill you in on how i dress.. i tend to wear jeans or chinos with a collared t-shirt maybe a jumper and a really nice tweed jacket, and as you could imagine.. this combination with (very very baby) dreads is fairly uncommon.
Well anyway on the walk down the highstreet i got stopped 4 times by just random strangers saying how nice my hair looks. The one person that really made me smile though was the last one. He was a policeman and said how nice it was to see someone with dreadlocks wearing clothes alot of people would call formal and that it helps to dismiss some of the negative views some people have on people with dreadlocks. he then explained that his son has dreadlocks and the amount of dirty looks and snide comments he got from people was mind-blowing.
I dont think i'm the only one who finds this unpleasant, i don't know how people with dreadlocks have got this reputation, but i think it's a real shame that some people are so shallow and class people with dreads as ''bad eggs''. However, i think we all know how nice it is when we get compliments, and i just wanted to share that lovely experience with you guys x
Panterra Caraway
08/03/10 06:57:10PM @panterra-caraway:
How cool was that!!!! Thank you for sharing!

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