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charity cycle through europe

By: iluvblutak
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Friday the 27th at about 1300hrs I arrived back at home, here in France. 2653 miles in just under 29 days.A month of cycling both physically and mentally exhausting made worse with a broken hand and wrist as the result of an unfortunate fall on the fourth day of the trip. Special thanks to Lt Col Haynes for letting me recover at his house.The weather was superb throughout France and Italy, constantly over 30 degrees and hardly any clouds. I raced through Monaco and across to Pisa where I met a young couple who were also doing a bicycle tour and they came with me to Rome and then to Ancona before we parted as they headed south and me north.From Ancona into Germany the weather got steadily worse with the altitude but I continued to eat up the miles, eager to get the Alps behind me. I crossed into Austria via the Brenner pass, going slightly higher than the main road (as it is a motorway I had to use the small side streets). Coming down on the other side it took me 30 mins to get to Innsbruck (30miles) and I hit my top speed of 67mph, overtaking cars, trucks and motorcycles as I rattled along silently screaming to myself all the way down.Once in Germany I spent a day with each of my aunts in Bayern and then took several days to get to the Hoffard's house (old friends of mine) near Stuttgart. It was Lisa's birthday during my stay which did last a little longer then I had planned but was good fun and great to have some rest and nice food. Nice food meaning anything other then stale bread and warm ham, which I had been eating since I started.Leaving Lisa's I had 550 miles to cover to get home, going down to Strasbourg I made use of the flat terrain and made good distances on the first two days before turning west. Most of my night near Strasbourg was spent drinking schnapps and whiskey with a couple of German families. One of them had seen me putting up my tent and having giggled at how small it was offered me some pizza he had just made. I accepted and sat with them talking and they brought out their two bottles which we drank until about 2 in the morning.I left at 8am on the last day and managed to arrive at home just in time for lunch.Over the last 29 days I have cycled 2653 miles, cycled up to 11 hours in a day and hit a top speed of 67mph. The longest distance I cycled in one day was: 186 miles.i am continuing to recieve sponsor money and have more events planned with the poppy appeal when im back in england, hopefully bringing more money to the brave men and women who are prepared to risk everything for others.
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