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Location: Windsor, CT
Zipcode: 06095
Country: US


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Over The Rainbow

Over The Rainbow

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Don't You Want Somebody To Love

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Rise And Shine

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Now We Are Free

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Braided Dreadlocks 3
Braided Dreadlocks 2
Braided Dreadlock 1
My Dreadlocks..
My Dreadlocks..
New Hair Style..
All Natural.. Hair Down!!
All Natural The Way I Like It>>


02/28/13 10:21:58AM @jazzymomma:

hello there thanks for the friend request:) we have not met lol so hi, lol u have some beautiful locks peace and love be with you: this is a beautiful 150yr old tree amazes me lol:) had to share lol

10/21/12 06:16:59PM @rose:

Thanks for the request & the kind words! You put a smile on my face :) stay beautiful <3

ari moonshine
07/07/12 07:25:49PM @ari-moonshine:

thanks for the request. you have a kind heart and beautiful locks. much love brother.

Summer Santos
09/21/11 04:13:17AM @summer-santos:

Namaste! Love the lock and how you pull them back! Mine are 6 months and I'm so excited to get a little length... over the next few years lol Thx for the request <3

09/20/11 08:27:47AM @iva:

your dreads are so beautiful but how come they are so neat if you went natural?

Torie Shea
08/12/11 08:20:10PM @torie-shea:
Why thank you! I like your Locks there.

Amelia Nantume Marie Mayer
08/06/11 10:44:37PM @amelia-marie-dreadybear:

Thanks for adding me! Glad to be your friend. :)

07/08/11 09:40:00PM @exalthimx7:
Just wanted to tell you that I love reading your comments to people, You are a kind man'] I love how you build up and don't tear people down..

07/05/11 05:00:54PM @momahepp:
Thank U !!! Yours r very nice as well !!! : ))

06/30/11 09:16:58PM @luvozz:
Love how you style them and make them your own. I've been trying some do's of my own too...I'll post pics next time...

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