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B likes Tea

Ina May Gaskin

I moved from California to Tennessee a few months ago with my husband and 1 year old daughter. A few weeks after our move I learned that we now...
@B likes Tea started 9 years ago - replies: 3
tiffany rivers


My name is Tiffany and I just joined the group. I am currently seperated and I have three wonderful kids. I feel you on your decision to dread your...
@tiffany rivers started 9 years ago - replies: 1
B likes Tea

Wet cough!

So, my daughter (20 months old now) has had this wet, mucusy cough for a few weeks now. I've started giving her echinacea tea with honey once a day...
@B likes Tea started 9 years ago - replies: 1

In Desperate need of advice from the mamas!

Hey ladies.. I am having some conflicts with my 4 year old boy and his "preschool". I am going to try to keep this from turning into a long drawn...
@Mary3 started 9 years ago - replies: 8
ashley ✿

child birth .

So. I am a few weeks away, the doctor bumped up my due date because the baby is getting big. But anyways, im slightly terrified of the whole thing...
@ashley ✿ started 9 years ago - replies: 2

New baby?

Hi ladies, I need some feedback from people who's hearts are open... My husband, and our two daughters are planning to move to Oregon in a year or...
@Jade started 10 years ago - replies: 3
Shanxon Lemasters

Looking for advice on my Daughter and Her daddy's relationship

So my daughter has always been a mommy's girl, from the time she was born she wanted no one to touch her or take care of her but me. As she's...
@Shanxon Lemasters started 10 years ago - replies: 1

HELP, 1 YR OLD BITER, daycare centre unimpressed HELP!!!

Hi everyone,I have a problem, my one year old son is a biter, only recently started, and the daycare centre is unimpressed and are doing the...
@Sonja-Skye started 10 years ago - replies: 0
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