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Have you ever done something stupid for an animal?

08/18/10 07:58:57AM
Ok for example: I was walking down the beach the other day when I saw something floating in the water. After a while I realised it was a small seal floating on its side with it's flipper sticking up in the air. This was just after a storm and we don't have seals where I come from.... So being the animal lover I am I braved the ICY cold water so I could swim out and get a closer look to see if it was hurt, I got within a couple of metres when it popped its head up at me and looked at me with it's huge brown eyes as much to say "what the hell are you doing here?" then I pretty much high tailed it outta there : ) Crazy? Yes, but I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I just left it there floating hurt in the water. I rang the department of environment who informed me that it must have been a New Zealand fur seal ( I live on the West coast of Australia) and it was thermoregulating (trying to regulate its temperature by floating still and sticking its fins out of the water) So yeah I felt like an idiot but I'm glad I did it - yes I thought about sharks and the fact that it might try to bite my face off but it was worth it... so now I'm the crazy girl who swims with seals : ) Thought it might be fun to share some stories about the crazy, selfless things we do for our animals (and maybe so I don't feel like such an idiot haha)
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