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dreadlocks shampoo

raw looking rash

Kiwi Chick
05/28/10 07:02:23PM
My 9 month pup always seems to bite/itch almost in between his back legs, almost around the penis area, if thats what you call it for a dog lol.....when hes doing this, i hear this horrible biting sound, like hes chewing or something, and it does look a lil fleshy pinkish red, and has a bit of a smell to it as well...ive been meaning to get him to the vet, but i thought I would just ask if this has happen/happens with your dogs, and any advice would be appreciated..if i could try something more natural closer to home type product as well for this area... I was thinking of putting some of my daughters eczema cream on the area, but im unsure as he might get sick from the cream....Many ThanksCat and Vegito....
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