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my thoughts on makeup and the cause of my possible bias

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/08/10 09:42:49PM
when i see someone wearing alot of makeup, its an imediate turn off, if they are wearing very little barely noticable i think shed look good without iti always want to know what they look like without it..and its always bias may come from this bad experiencethe year b4 i was injured wen i had my 1st set of dreads, my sis and another girl moved in with me, this girl arived with a shopping cart full of makeup, i was young and dumb and we became a odd couple...over that year she refused to go out thhe door to cross te street to buy a soda without 1st spending 3-4 hours in front of a mirror doing makeup and hair...shed spend 2-300 at a time on makeup, put me 1,500 in debt..talked me into cutting my dreads off to get a career (presumably to buy more makeup)...the day i graduated to start mty corporate hell job we got in a fight and broke up..15 minutes later i broke my back..we got back together..but while in the hospitol she started sleeping with a good freind of mine (my sis's boyfreind) claiming the 1st night was for "confort" cause se was worried biut me, 3 nigts later announced they were a couple.ofcourse few months later my dreads were growing i escaped corporate hell and a made up barbie bitch so its all goodbut never could stand makeup after that
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