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past and present critters in our "zoo"

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/10/09 10:00:14PM
both me and my best friend chevy are real animal loverschevy especialyif a deadly piosionous spider was about to bite her kid she wouldnt harm it instead shed risk her own life to gently cary it outside and release it in the woodsin fact when her ex tried to kill her by cutting her break lines she had an injured duck in the car..swerving to miss a van she endede up on 2 wheels..driving with 1 hand and the other hand was bracing the duck..she went nearly 3 blocks on 2 wheels protecting that duck every inch of the wayok so me--pasti grew up near a shooting range that had live pidgeon shoots monthly so we allways had injured pidgeons wander into the yard..probly cared for hundreds, but also a seagull a turkey lotsa turtles and snakesmy 1st place i rented at 14 was a guest house on a farm..and 3 wild but tame racoons lived there with melater in life i had a fox chinchilla lots of rats few birds several cats all at the same timeive had ferretsmany birds (wild and bought)now between me and chevy we got 3 dogs (chiwuawua (spelling?) chiwuawua/pomeranian mix and a mid sized mutt (we think all we know is hes gay as can be..but then again seems all our pets maybe gay ..and interspecies lovers too)we have 6 catsand a pot bellied pigchevy in the pasthad 2 bats with messed up sonaran eagleskunksturantulas snakes lizzardswe almost had her a beaver and a bear recentlysugar glidersi cant remember all the rest(i'll update tomorow shes not gonna be home till aftetr 1 am)we should have pics of our current critter farm real soon just been super busy lately
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