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Spring Has Sprung!!!

user image 2011-04-11
By: hippie mama
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Man am i glad that we are getting warmer weather. the rain dont even bother me i just like not having to freeze ya know. i cant wait till easter gauge is so excited about the easter bunny. and i told gauge that once he got potty trained he can go to school because hes always asking to go to school and i enrolled into college for the fall semester and since john and i would both be in the same college the "day care" or whatever it is would be free and that way he could get used to being around other kids so preschool wouldnt be such a shocl to his system and hed be going to school with his daddy and mommy and we could pick him up on our breaks and eat lunch with him and stuff. itll be good for him and from what john says its super safe there like cameras and they check id from you to pick up your kid. and hes potty trained so ill be keeping my word.

gauge will be turning 3 in june and to celebrate that we are taking him camping to see badfish at the quarry. three days of family fun and music that all three of us enjoy. gauge has been showing alot of intrest in the djembe. hes got bongos and i have my smaller djembe and gauge and i will jam out and play the drums while singing his favorite song is three little birds by bob marley and he knows all the words and will play the drum and sing it.i know one of my favirote things to do at the music festivals is when the bands are done for the day and each campsite has their own thing going on i wanna take gauge around and look for drum circles that he could join. hed be the youngest drummer for sure and hes so good at it for being just three. i wanna get him a guitar for his birthday. a nice little acoustic one or maybe a ukelele since their small. either way i definately think that if i foster his talent for music and as long as hes intrested let him have funwith it and maybe get him lessons as he gets older. sometimes i just feel like hes such and old soul. hes wise beyond his years and just so damn smart man. like he talks as clear as day and is potty trained, knows his alphabet, loves music playing and singing it. knows his shapes, colors and how to count even count a little in chinese. hes gonna be so smart and i plan on keeping reading to him and always be there when he needs helpwith homework.

lately i been working quite alot but i dont mind. i like working, granit i deliver pizzas so its an easy job for me but i love that i get tips and get to keep em. i know once i start school ima have to cut back because i need my gauge time and i cant be gone every day for the whole son comes first before anything ya know. plus going to school i should get some money back from my loans so its all about making it work. plus im sure my job will work with me and my school schedule but they love that i know how to do pretty much everything there so i hope hes not gonna be pissed about it and just cut me out of the working all together cuz i still need the money but ill just work like 3 days a week or something once school starts. its just now i close sometimes which means i works till about 2 am or so and i cant do that if i got school the next day. but im sure it will all work out in the end. i just need to make a for real decision on what exacttly it is that i want to take,. im debating between, early education teacher, a counselor and maybe apediatricion. im just not sure how long i really wanna go to school for. but im sure itll all workd out

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