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why look down on dreadlocks?

By: hippie mama
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hi everyone im 23 and im married to a man with dreads as well. we have a son gauge and he is 16 months in a few days and we started his dreads about 2months ago or so. all is good we get the awe how cute the whole family matches comments and we get the questions on how its done and all those good things that i honestly dont mind. now lately since gauges hair has been looking more unkempt then it has in the past i been noticing the rude comments. like we were at the park and i over heard this lady complaining to another parent and all i could make out was " oh my thatg poor child like he doesnt know any better....blah blah blah" then the next week i go to another park and a lil girl goes look at his clown hair and a boy said thats stupid" now mind you we had a bunch of better comments sying its cute and the kids love it but it jsut sucks that as a human being the bad comments linger with you ya know. and then last week this one really got to me. we were walkin through the mall and i let gauge walk instead of forcing him to sit in a stroller and he likes to go to people ans smile at them. so he walks up to this one lady cuz she was waving at him and the lady sitting next to her as i was walkin away with my son she looks at her teenage son and says" now thats just sad" now when i heard this i turned around cuz i was angry and i was about to say something to her but she seen me turn around and her and her son started walkin off. now what am i supposed to do in these situations? i know what i want to do is be like" do u realize that ur judging a 16 month old child?" or say well arent u a beautiful role modle u dumb b***h. or even better yet just plain out say"for ur information my son is ver well taken care of. hes on a vegetarian diet which is not only good for his health but alos our enviroment. hes only had a cold once in his life. we feed him organic food on the regular to make sure he doesnt get any harmful pesticides. he has a mother and a father and best of all he loves everyone and everyone whose smart enough to know it loves him too. and oh by the way since ur obviously ignorant to any other lifestyle then the one you live people who have dreads do wash them" thats what i want to say. but i just dont know how to go about this. i mean i know from my expierence that eople harshly judge us but its alot more personal when they judge my son. then i just get pissed. i mean ask me question dont just think im neglecting him. he looks so cute in them and he loves to shake his dreads so i dont want to cut them either. any advice?
Heather Gamble
07/13/10 07:09:16AM @heather-gamble:
ok im sure im going to get attacked for even asking such a question but i just have to because i actually am interested and im not being an asshole really! any whoo why dread your childs hair at such a young age if they cant in fact make that decision for themself? i mean i think its horrible how people are reacting and i think you should in fact tell them that they are a bunch of arseholes! im just wondering i mean are you a religious or spiritual dread? and if so is that why? seriously im just curious and im in no way judging you i think its completely fine i mean its not harmful or unhealthy or anything so i dont see why people would look down on it....but imho if its not for some religious reason id leave it up to the kid but thats just me ...i mean i got 7 kids total and people used to call my son a girl knowing full well he was a boy because i felt it wrong to cut his hair when he couldnt tell me how he wanted it cut so by age 3 it was like butt length and yeah people are total idiots sometimes...but if you dont tell them about their stupidity then who will? i mean not saying something to them is like giving them free reign to be a jerk to everyone....but thats just my opinion i mean when people make comments to me i say something just cause i feel i should because maybe itll make them think twice before being a jerk to someone else!

neil coe
07/07/10 07:20:58PM @neil-coe:
yea i too got upset when reading this, so say that shit and act that way about a child of that age, but at the same time you kinda got to expect that, people can be mean and ugly, but dont let it get to you, you know what good parents you are, and just got to kill them with kindness, smile at them. and when you hear someone say something, walk up to them and inform them, tell them what good parents you are and how good you take care of this beautiful child, tell them about his diet, tell them about dreads, inform them, let them know the truth about locks, they obviously got it in there heads that dreads are dirty and gross, and not taken care of, and its the opposite, dreadheads love there hair, sorry your son has to go through this, but inform him cause you can only expect it to get worse, like when he starts school, kids can be real mean, i always had long hair and used to get alot of shit from it, but its cool cause i know what it means to me...... but on the flip side the girl would love it : ), tell him to be strong, well sorry for the long answer lol but just be the good parents you are.......... and much love to you and your little family

The Rapture of Exile
07/07/10 06:38:55PM @the-rapture-of-exile:
Wow, this story has made me more mad than i have been in a while. I'd like to have children someday, and granted they want to dread I'm going to let them. I was actually recently thinking about how people would jump to the conclusion that I was neglecting my child...

06/06/10 07:49:46AM @holypipi:
Those people are just ignorant, we all get judge, but whats important it's what dreads means to you, not what people think of them. Just ignored those self-centered people, you'll see some open minded people soon, and they will tell you how beatiful your son and you look together :)

06/06/10 04:09:22AM @greygargoyle:
Yeah, I'm way late to reply to this but...I'd jump in their face and say AHBOOOGAHBOOGAHHBOOO....orgrowl...or...Brrrr! You know what that means? It don't mean nothin! hahaBut it scared ya cause people don't be doin' that shit!But me brrr! bitch brrr! I'm all about it, brrrr!!!

hippie mama
11/10/09 08:29:36AM @hippie-mama:
lolthats pretty good/

Lord Panzer
11/09/09 06:37:17PM @lord-panzer:
I once sat on the train from London to the airport with my girlfriend, and this lady, probably about 40 sat next to me. And she just kept bitching about me to her friend, probably thought that i couldn't speak english, since me and my girlfriend both spoke norwegian. So she sits right next to me, and calls me a drughead and a disgrace to society and that she feelt sad for me. So i just turn over to her, and says, loudly so everyone can hear it:"so you call me a disgrace? i feel sorry for YOU, I can't imagine what its like to be 50 years old with a serious attitude problem, are you OK?"The lady left the train at the next stop:) Fight fire with fire!

10/07/09 06:37:15AM @dani2:
rude people you find everywhere, sometimes they act because of misoverstanding, and fear, sometimes just that they feel better on the cost of someone else, but you will find on your way others too, who will judge you on your heart, and yes, like one else said before i wished my mother would have feed me with natural products and would not comb my hair, imagen how long they would be, you have such a beautiful son, love and Raspect to you, for walking your own way

Karma Jane
10/05/09 03:25:48PM @karma-jane:
you should smile and tell her you love her and flip her the peace sign!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/01/09 02:28:23PM @soaring-eagle:
to the oh thats sad comment i woulda just replied.. now thats treuly sad that people are so judgmental and ignorantyou will always get those who judge , they arent worth your time...they are a joke so..go ahead and laugh at theyre ignorance

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