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my sunshines doctor scare

By: hippie mama
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today my husband and i took our son Gauge to the doctor. we noticed that recently this cough he had was getting worse and worse and last night he scared us because he sounded like he was choking on the wetness his cough was producing. we also noticed that his cough was eerily simular to the commorcial for pertusis aka whooping cough. the couching so badly that they sound as if they are gasping for air in between each cough. not a pretty sound that you want to hear your two year old son having thats for damn sure. so as scared as we both were john and i decided to take gauge to the doctor today. after hearing the cough for herself Gauges pediatrician started him on the meds for whooping cough as a better safe then sorry scenario and we had to take him to the hospital to test him for the sickness. in this case they stuck a swab far into his nose and are sending it to be tested right away. we will know in 5 days or so if it was actually whooping cough. thankfully my sons pediatrician assured us that shes hopeful that it wont be she said the likeliness is about 25% chance but just the severity of the cough and already canceling out pnemonia she just wants be be sure since as of now there are no cases of it in our area although i have heard that its making a comeback unfortunatly. so lets hope he just has an upper respiratory thing instead of a severe sickness such as the previously mentioned. but even though gauge took his first dose of his medication today we have already seen a significant change in length between coughing and even just the sound of his voice. he slept for about 4 1/2 hrs today wich is about double the usual amount and he seems like hes on the fast track to a successful recovery no matter what he actually has. ill make sure to keep those of you who read this updated because i know that alot of you on here love my little dready toddler and even though most of you dont personally know him he touches everyone heart with his beautiful smile. i wish you all could meet him in person. hes one of those kids that just light up a room and create smiles on everyone he meets. hes so warm and generous and say such smart and entertaining things. hes definatley ahead of his time in so many ways. hes good at reading ppl and their moods as well as very intelectually advanced when it comes to speech, numbers, animals colors all of the above. i hear from so many diffrent ppl young and old how awesome and cute he is. he really is my sunshine as well as the light that shines on others aswell. i just cant think of one negative thing about him besides the fact that theres only one of him. but i wouldnt have it any other way. im definatly very proud to be his momma.
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