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Being Conscious of Your Reputation

By: Herman
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As a graduating student college, it means that you have to prepare your resume for the job hunt that you will undertake after your graduation. This means that all your college awards, achievements and various extra murals that you got involved in are reflecting in your resume. This will also require you to ensure that your name if googled, reflects the same thing that your resume is showing. This is important since you do not want to find your name is not appearing in the college endeavors that you claim to have undertaken during your college years. Also, the photos you post online can either make or break your name making you not get any employment.

Furthermore, you have to be very conscious of whatever you post on the internet using your name as well as your photos. If unsure of how to handle this, you can be like me; I always prefer to pay someone to write my paper cheap. This way you will get professional assistance and guidance in ensuring that your name is clean if an employer happens to google it. On the same note if you are on LinkedIn how will your profile appear will it match your resume? Does it even have excellent references attached from sources that are credible or will your name appear in embarrassing photos? This means that your name can either influence the hiring manager in a negative or positive manner depending on what they retrieve from the internet.

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