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Authentic Coconut oil-Good or bad for dreads?

user image 2013-02-14
By: Heather Hammers
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Hello Everyone-- I was wondering if someone could tell me if coconut oil (the real stuff--in the Dr. Bronner's jar) is good for dreadlocks? I have mature locks (3+ years) and read somewhere that coconut oil is good if locks are mature. My regular routine consists of washing with diluted Dr. Bronners and air dryonce a week--nothing more.

<On a side note...I surf and love the way my hair feels when I come out of water. I rinse with freshwater but generally don't wash everytime I surf because I surf 2x or 3x/week. So I wash on weekends>.

Ok, so getting back to coconut oil-- is it good/bad? If it is good, how and when do you apply? My dreads are dry and I need to put some kind of moisture into them.....but don't want to harm them or put something in them that will result in "gunk." Thanks!!!!

09/06/13 01:15:38AM @heather:

I've used coconut oil on my dreads before and it worked great. You want to make sure to use extra virgin coconut oil though. It's the purest form and it washes out easily. What i do it takes a little in my hand then rub my hands together to warm it a bit and than grab a bunch of dreads and rub and squeeze down the lock. You don't need much and it works quite well to nourish the locks. Stay away from the scalp though or you'll end up with the greasys. I think people forget that locks are hair that still needs to be cared for. Dry, brittle hair is damage and can eventually cause breakage. I want my dreads to last a long time.

Heather Hammers
02/18/13 03:41:23PM @heather-hammers:

Thank you for the BS/ACV recipe!!I will be sure to follow this. I now realize that some of my questions on here can be answered up top in the search bar (duh:) as Olivia brought this to my attention-- I am a newbie to the site but enjoying it very much!

Yep, Hawaiian surfer...that's me. My dreadies love the saltwater:)

the Barrellady
02/15/13 07:09:35PM @the-barrellady:

Hi Heather. For the baking soda, use 1/2 cup to 5 cups water. Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse well. Then for your mature dreads, use 1-2 capfuls of the apple cider vinegar mixed with 5 cups water. Pour on head and rinse right away. Add drops of essential oils into the ACV for an pleasant aroma and to also soften the dreads. Ahhh, a Hawaiian surfer, cool

Heather Hammers
02/14/13 01:26:33PM @heather-hammers:

Thanks for the feeback, Olivia! I will try the apple cider vinegar. How much do you use? Maybe I should just be using baking soda and ACV but I have been using dr. bronner's because of the non residue and because I don't have hard water. I am always looking for natural alternatives so I may also try the aloe vera.

OliviaJonas Aley
02/14/13 12:50:38PM @oliviajonas-aley:

Hi Heather! First off: LUCKY!!! Surfing 2-3 times a week... :)

As far as conditioning goes, you might find that the coconut oil will be too thick in your dreads and hard to remove when you want to. If you aren't already, you should be rinsing with Apple Cider Vinegar rinse after you wash. It has a conditioning but non-residual effect. Also ,pure aloe vera gel. You can use it straight from a plant, or you can buy it at your local co-op, (just make sure it's pure). You have the advantage of having mature dreads, so you can use it. Those of us with new ones have to wait :)

You can also use the search bar up at the top of the site. I used it to look up Conditioners for dreads, and coconut oil. hope that helps!

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