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dreadlocks shampoo

Best cleaner for sinks and bathtubs ever!

Heather Gamble
04/24/11 02:22:12PM
So I've tried baking soda and while it works it's har to rinse equal parts baking soda and borax ad a few drops of essential oils I like tea tree and orangecombin it all very well and you can use this as you would any commercial powder cleaner..I like to take it one step further I save the plastic parmesan cheese shakers and put it into them and voila homemade cleaner recycled container! This stuff works wonderful on sinks,stains,counters,stovetops,shower doors etc..and if your like me and have a ton of kids I'm sure they make a mess but you don't want them handling nasty chemical cleaners well this they can use and not ruin anything including themselves! And it's waaaaay cheaper than commercial crap!
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