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dreadlocks shampoo

get the most from your Dr.B's

Heather Gamble
08/16/10 08:14:01AM
ok so just in case you didnt can clean everything with bronners and i do mean everything!!!the best way ive found to utilize bronners when it comes to washing dreads is a large spray bottle you can buy these at sallys,in any grocery store where they keep brooms mops etc,and the cheapest by far is good ol walmart* (* indicates high sarcasm level) buy a few youll love em i swear! ok so take your spray bottle and your bronners (the spray bottle has handy measurements marked on the side) dilute it 10-1 for dread washing ok now if you like add some essential oil i like adding lavender to bronners peppermint or rosemary to bronners eucalyptus,patchouli to bronners almond this could go on forever ! its good for your hair and well it gives u a nice change from the norm! nothing simpler than keeping a spray bottle in your shower (its the only thing in my shower) to use simply wet your dreads and spray away scrub and rinse, and u can use this for body was as well, and as an added bonus u can also scrub the shower itself with it and the bathroom counters and the toilet voila no more wasting bronners (cause after dilution it can get a lil awkward to use) and now you bathroom cabinet has 2 products a bottle of bronners and a box of baking soda. bye bye mesy cabinet full of crap!! oh and those 2 products make a great toothpaste (i recommend peppermint bronners for that) dip toothbrush in baking soda add a drop of bronners voila!! if you have sensitive teeth you will never use paste again i swear!!!ran out of laundry soap ? no problem 1/4 cup bronners and a lil baking soda to a large load voila clean draws! those extra sprayers u bought mix up one for your kitchen and your other bathroom this is safe to use on food prep surfaces after all u can brush your darn teeth with it! spray it on the high chair to clean up after a messy baby shit spray the baby i do its fine its harmless and will clean EVERYTHING!! this is by far not a complete list but feel free to add your own uses for it im simply trying to help out the noobs who seem to have no clue as to how to wash with the stuff! so i hope to see your recipes and such soon!thanks for readin!!!a wise person once told me duct tape and dr.bronners may save the world ...i believe this is highly possible!!
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