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cleaning crayon,scotch tape and general funk off of wood furniture....

Heather Gamble
07/17/10 09:21:28AM
ok so the kids at my place are messy....and well the furniture sometimes shows it....heres how to get most of the funk including marker off of it..2 parts vinegar1 part olive oilwanna make it smell purty add a drop or so of your fav oilspray bottlemix together in a spray bottle shake it up and spray the entire surface down (u may need to shake occasionally as the mix seperates) let it sit a couple hours clean it up with a soft rag (old tshirts come in handy for this) if u have a really stubborn spot use a scrubbie to gently remove it (ill post later on how to make scrubbies) if you have scotch tape on there use a credit card to gently scrape it off if there is sticky residue on there spray the spot with a lil more of the mixture and let it sit a few mins then wipe it off with the rag make sure you use fresh rags to buff it up to a nice shine and get the oily feel offthis is also great to use in place of those pricey store bought spray furniture polishes
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