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Out of body experiences with sleep paralysis....

10/12/12 03:37:51PM

I saw a few discussions, but thought I'd add my own....Now I've had plenty of times where I couldn't move after I woke up. After some research I found it was sleep paralysis, and many many times I used to freak out about it. But most of the time now I'd just say "great not again" and just wait and fall back asleep.

This time however, was something I have never experienced before. And tbh I'm not sure if I ever want to again. So I woke up in my living room (eyes open...I think) and I couldn't move. This time I couldn't even tell if I was dreaming or not. But what really got to me was these massive vibrations that would feel like electricity going through my whole body! It was soooo painful. And at that point I had no clue what was going on. But I still couldn't move and it felt like every muscle was tensing up every time I would feel the vibrations. I remember trying to reach my phone because I thought I was having a seizure, or having while I asleep...doesn't make since but it sucked.

Idk how time was going but it felt like the vibrations were coming every ten seconds or so. And each time just as painful as the next. I was starting to try to calm down through it all, but seriously that was the most painful thing I have felt. As these vibrations were happening I started to feel my body leaving its self?? Not really sure, but I do know that once I did leave and started floating towards the floor that the pain stopped. But maybe seconds after I finally woke up.

Anyone ever experience this?! Or anything close? I found this video .... but all it told me is that most* vibrations are harmless and don't feel bad. Mine freaking hurt. alot.

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