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lego bridge

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/29/12 01:36:50PM

i know most think dreams have meannings but what could possibly be the meanning of this?

last night i dreamed about a bridge a full sized suspension bridge like the golden gate bridge..made entireluy of legos

to clarify, it had steps up to it made from the block type legos then the bridge itself was the flat type that u use for roofs and base s etc

i sorta remember alot of foot trafic across the bridge but they maybe were lego people as well..vague faces shorter then me..

i decided to cross the bridge stepped out onto it and wondered if it would g=hold i stepped out anouther 5 or 10 feet when my young nephews (ages 3 and 6 i think) decided to follow me just as the bridge collpsed under our weight and we tumbled to the river far below (150 feet about)

what could possibly be themeanning of that?

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