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Out of Body Experience book

12/01/11 12:42:14AM

Hello fellow dreamers!

I've always had difficulty getting lucid dreams to come naturally for me and have more recently taken and active approach in trying to "train" myself to become more in tune with my subconscious self. On a very in depth dream related site I joined, I came across a free e-book someone had posted about that they said helped them within a week for lucid dreaming.

I downloaded the e-book and was very impressed and ended up buying the paperback version (which I have presently lost due to being in the midst of a move) because I am more of a "hands on" type of person and retain what I read much better when I have the actual book in my hands.

Anyway, this book has been amazing for me! After I had started practicing the techniques and putting them to use so they would become like second nature, I realized my dreams changing and began having partial lucid dreams (once I realized I was lucid, I got excited, then lost the dream).

This was such a huge step for me that I wanted to share it with other who maybe have trouble with lucidity like I did, so here is the link to the free e-book.

I decided to turn this into a discussion with the hopes that if others get to read and use this book that we could share and discuss results here. I love this book and am so glad that I found it!

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