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weirdest dream ever the food network cooking human meat (must read the details)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/07/11 10:16:35AM

i woke up after the weirdest dream i ever had last night, i dreamed i was watching the cooking network (weird enough i'd never watch that) and they were cooking a pig on 1 side on the other was a skinned human corpse! they were basting it and used this mask like thing full of butter or something they pressed up tight against the skinless face to baste the face meat (they used that term..ewww)

then he says

"you want to keep the eyeballs moist so they don't pop on you" and peeling back the skinless eyelids till the eyeball nearly fell out of the socket starts wiping the eyeball with a wet cloth , as the female host says "mmmm that looks like its going to be delicious)

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