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My Old Love Holocaust Dream...

Junebug Johnson
06/04/10 01:55:16PM
The setting was old time, like in the 1800s.So I was on a horse galloping through the forest like Sleeping Beauty (?) and then I passed this weird guy singing. Supposedly he was supposed to be Prince Charming.But I passed him and ran into this really cute guy, I stopped so fast I fell foreward off my horse, hit him and then he fell off his horse.Skip to later and we're engaged. (hahhaa I know...) I was the same age I am.. 15. By the way, I live with 100 other people in this house.Skip to later and these people are in our house telling us we cant eat. No eating. (whaaa?) But I go along with it. I already knew what was gonna happen. I told everyone to stop panicking.So they herd us all out to this theater. Us and some people speaking French or something I couldnt understand. I almost fell behind with the other French people, but I caught up with my family.We get seated in this theater, and they have the people with talents up on stage entertaining others. I was the only one to seem to understand that HOLY CRAP WERE GONNA DIE!I was clumped together with my family in the back of the theater when one of the leader guys comes up and tells us to seperate... I was like NOOOOO IMMA DIEE!! (in my head though) And then I thought... Where the hell is my fiance?DREAM OVER.... Whew that was an emotional one. xP
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