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Cow dream.

04/28/10 04:05:56PM
So this morning, after the first alarm went off and before the second, i had a very intense dream. I dreamed that i was in a grocery store; sort of like Whole Foods, sort of like Freddies. I was in the dairy section and there was a mural on the wall of cows in a meadow with a barn and blue skies. A young cow stepped out of the mural and looked deep into my eyes, communicating with me to follow her. She began walking slowly through the seemingly empty store toward a dark room giving off a horrible, deadly vibe. There, a sort of faceless, non-memorable man stood with a hideous machine. The cow gave me one last harrowing, heartbreaking look and walked toward the man and into the machine. Then, large slabs of meat flew out and landed neatly on a conveyor belt.In the dream i was sobbing uncontrollably. Then the alarm woke me.Perhaps my subconscious is urging me to be serious about not eating meat again? I don't know... but i have been pretty disturbed all day because of it.I hope that for those of us who do eat meat, we can at least acknowledge the fact or give thanks to the individual we are consuming. I am in no position to be preachy (and i don't want to be...i eat meat too, sometimes), but the meat industry in our world right now is truly an animal genocide. I have memories of driving down I-5 this summer and basically seeing concentration camps for cows. They may not be human, and they may not have the brain capacity we do, but they are probably smart enough to realize that they are leading miserable lives that they have no control over. The pigs at least are smart enough... there are stories of pigs going bat-shit nuts in their own piss and shit, trying to kill themselves because of the conditions in which they are living. Chickens' beaks are burned/chopped off so that they can't peck themselves or other chickens to death.Most people would be horrified if the industry was doing this to dogs or cats... but i don't really see a difference.Sorry to be a debbie downer, it's just really freaking me out that we do this to other living creatures.
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