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Dream Visitors

Island Mamma
03/25/10 09:51:31PM
In 2002 I was asleep and something came over me, arousing me to awaken and then I sat up and was fully aware/awake.

My room was expanded beyond its four little walls into a universe of its own and inthefardistancewas a speckandas that speck camecloserit grew and grew and a brilliant white light Ihavenever seen before filled my room and me.

The light carried a vibrational music unlike any music my ears have ever heard, there were so many layers to it.

No earthly voices, hands orinstrumentscould mimic that sound.

As the speck came closer I could see abeautifulAngel emerge/enlarge .

She was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen.
Her hair was long, curly and thick tight little spirals and her skin was glowing and a brown/golden earthy shade.
Her clothes were like a gown of long silk scarves draped andfloatingfreely on and around her body.
Her eyes were deep and brown like rich soil and so innocent, ancient, kind and wise.
I was breathless and mesmerized to say theleast.

When she spoke her voice was all around her and inside of her and in the light and inside of me.
I was powerful and beautiful like the music and light she brought with her.

She said "Do not be afraid. I am your daughter. My name is Kiah. You will soonreceivea gift"

She then went back so fast and all the light and music went into her and she got further away, a little speck again anddisappeared.

I was left sitting in my bed withmyface wet from tears, feelingexhilarated and I was socompletelyamazed. I could feel every cell in my body and my ears were ringing. I was light headed and felt like I was floating.

It was dawn and good thing, there was no way I was sleeping after that visit.
I wrote about her in my journal and later found a journal with a little girl on the front cover that resembled Kiah from my dream, so I bought it and dedicated it to her, I still have the journal.

Five years later I was in a very sick and violent relationship andbecame pregnant.
I left that relationship, packed up my car and my son and headed west, back to Vancouver Island.
I was so scared through the whole process of leaving and through out the pregnancy.

I kept hearing her voice ring "don't be afraid" though.
It was my comfort.
She was my comfort.

Yes, I gave birth to a girl, surprise, surprise, and yes, of course, her name is Kiah, Kiah Angel.

Icall it a dream but I was awakened from sleep for the visit.
It was a visit or vision.
Very much real.
That was the mostprominent visit I hadreceivedand only visit by an Angel of thatmagnitude.
(I have met angels on earth, earthly angels, but thats another topic)

I just wanted to share this beautifulexperiencewithyoubeautiful people and wondered if any of you have had visitors too.

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