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dreadlocks shampoo
Hayley Scott


Location: Murrieta, CA
Zipcode: 92562
Country: US


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so handsome
wedgie timeee
favorite shirt
my boyfriend and his art behind him
i was just fucking around and i actually liked how it turned out
black light fun


07/16/10 12:25:21AM @amander:
How do you wash your locks with the hemp in them? Just leave it in, or do you have to do anything special?

05/31/10 07:31:35PM @iain:
lolur not missing much anyway, its frustrating as hell, :Pand nice sounds like my weekend to actually

L-ray Sepulvado
05/29/10 03:32:27AM @l-ray-sepulvado:
yeah, i'm sure it'd be hard to come back to lake charles lol. Jordan was in my 7th hour and i know Emily. Never really hang out with either of em. Havn't seen her locks yet. You take it easy, peace

L-ray Sepulvado
05/26/10 11:21:12PM @l-ray-sepulvado:
thats pretty awesome, it's alright here i guess. I go to barbe or went to barbe lol tomarrows last day of school over here, probably won't go back next year lolSeems like every one knows each other over here and if you don't know some person you know some one who does lol its weird. Hows cali? you ever comin back to la?

05/24/10 01:07:50PM @iain:
sorry took so long, (college eh)there's a really good state college in my town (was community but just changed) so I just go there at my own pace still while I still figure out what exactly I wanna do, but almost have my AA at least, tho that doesn't mean much :Pwhat u up to?

05/20/10 09:20:53PM @dantherastaman:
yup yup, they say poodles are smart but mine seems to be dumb as rock. Still, I can't complain! What about you?

05/18/10 07:04:45PM @emily:
yeah i love that song too :) and sublime and bob marley are amazing, i like their version of no woman no cry too.

Smail Jr
05/18/10 05:12:08PM @smail-jr:
thanks for the add Hayleypeace and love

05/18/10 02:19:52PM @iain:
Florida needs more people that think that :Plolan yep, with a bit of melodic death metal mixed in,but around the same, trying to not lose focus in college is all, lol

05/15/10 12:13:37PM @iain:
awesome music taste :)thanks for the add, how're you?

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