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dreadlocks shampoo
Harry Brack


Location: lancashire
Country: GB

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This Could Be Anywhere In The World

This Could Be Anywhere In The...

14 years ago - Comments: 0
Sounds of Life (Feat. Jasmine L)

Sounds of Life (Feat. Jasmine L)

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me and my baby <3
growing nicely :)
after first bs + acv rinse, 9 months of dirt.
getting fatter :)
dreads after wax removal attempt
back, n bottom, the troublesome section
back of my 'ead :]
my funny undercut
couple of months pre dreads ,on the right,
just done


Dennis Robinson
03/09/11 01:45:39AM @dennis-robinson:
Those are cool. I was mostly just admiring the undercut look, although not many people have it which makes me want that more haha. But I'm not even sure I want that anymore because I'm just getting dreads for the first time and that takes time so it'd be wise to atleast enjoy them while they grow before getting an undercut, but i'm still deciding. Thanks for the link.

Dennis Robinson
03/03/11 12:53:16PM @dennis-robinson:
I actually don't have dreads yet but i'm trying to just my hair grow out enough for them, right now I was just thinking of different ways to do it and the undercut dreads seems great! but i'm still working on the dreads right now.

Dennis Robinson
02/15/11 11:13:14AM @dennis-robinson:
Hey I'm new to the site and I found your picture while looking for a new style I discovered called the dreadlock undercut and I found a pic of your undercut and I was wondering because it's hard to see for me, is your undercut locked in dreads or no? It looked kinda cool either way but I wondered to find out what you did in your style to get it started. Thanks alot for reading!

10/07/10 10:50:37AM @meg:
N'awhh muppet <3Y'know Harry... I really love you, alot :)Hehe, I proper can't wait to see you now baby! :DSee you Monday, angel. xxxxxx

07/30/10 10:02:10AM @spacemantravis:
hey man thx yah i really hope they look great bro keep in touch, one love bro

07/27/10 09:02:20AM @meg:
Lol xDThey're alright fanx (Y) my scalp's a lil bit burnt and some maintaining could of course always be done but cba cuz I just got home from my holidayzzz :DHow're yours? hehe. xxx

06/16/10 07:59:21PM @meg:
Yehhhh :)How'd this website know me? I didn't even put a picture up and I'm there! :o

Lonnie Berg
01/03/10 07:35:15PM @lonnie-berg:
Greetings My Brother, we're glad your journey has crossed our path. You'll meet a lotta kynd, helpful folks and plenty of good info, hope we see ya round often. namaste'

denise iesha alice shannon
06/14/11 12:16:25PM @cindy-lillemo:
Hey Bren! Welcome to the site! I do make tams...made several for members. I charge $25, which includes shipping. I can do most clors...from plain to fancy and make 2 sizes...standard and Large. Message me if you are still interested and check out some tams I have made in my pictures :)

Harry Brack
06/14/11 03:54:41AM @harry-brack:
ha ha thanx!yeah they started falling apart already.db makes my hair feel wierd(i have hard water where i live)im gonna start using backing soda.

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