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Hans Christian Sørensen


Location: Copenhagen
Country: DK


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My Dreadlock Failure Story!

By: Hans Christian Sørensen
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I have for a very long time liked the looks of dreads and wanted to get dreads myself. But 8-9 years ago when I had grown my hair long for the first time, I wanted to get dreads but I thought you had to go to a salon to get them made, but the ridiculous prices kept me away. Then I got rid of my long hair 'cause it was just a big mess and kept annoying me.I kept my hair very short for some years untill the fall of 2007. I didn't really plan on growing back my long hair, but suddenly 6 months had passed without cutting it and I decideed to just let it grow.Then in the fall 2009 my hair had grown pretty long and again it started to annoy me, so I thought I would try and get dreadlocks instead. I did some online/google/youtube research on dreadlocks and did found out methods on how to make them and stuff and NOT TO USE WAX. But I couldn't find anyone to help so I figured I would just let the "professionels" at a salon take care of it instead, now that I could afford it.So on October 16th of 2009 I went to a salon that one of my friends had heard of. It was pretty much a huge fail all the way from the beginning. First of all it was hard to communicate properly with them 'cause they were really bad at both Danish and English. I tried to tell them what I had read online and stuff, but they didn't seem to understand. I sat there for 1 hour and 40 minutes in pain while they carelessly started to backcomb my hair. And no joke, I've leterally never been i so much pain in my life before. And even though I tried telling them it really hurt, there was no change in their rutine to make it gentler for my scalp. It was as if they were in a hurry and just wanted their money and get me out of there. Then when I asked them about the wax issue they looked weird at me and said something like: "But it's the wax that makes them strong." So I ended up taking a bad decision and letting them put wax on/in the dreads, 'cause I thought it might helpt the dreads form in the beginning and I could just wash it out during the next couple of weeks.But they put on a lot more wax than I thought they would and I think I heard they talk about that they had run out of the wax they usually use so instead they used another brand. If I remember correctly it said "Dredwax" (yes, "Dread" without the "a") on the wax container. When they were all done I asked how long they thought it would take before I had mature dreads. They're answer were ONE WEEK!I paid them and left what probably was one of the worst experiences I have had in a very long time. I felt so wrong having to pay that much for beeing in pain for almost 2 hours straight and then ruening me hair with wax afterwards...Around six months later after trying to get rid of the wax, I decided to try and comb out all the dreads. I managed to comb them all out, but my hair was really damaged afterwards.I then let my hair recoup for a while, cut the ends and then on August 21st 2010 I started my new set of dreads, doing it all by my self this time. So NO STUPID SALON OWNERS AND NO FREAGGIN' WAX this time!Now I just hope that with time my still somewhat damaged hair can become real mature dreads this time.Rant over...

Mia Elizabeth
01/02/11 10:26:31PM @mia-elizabeth:

CRAZY! some family member and friends still tell me i need wax caus my dreads "dont look good"

i have sed forget em since the beginning. I am sorry you had to learn the hard way.

How are they coming along? We started around the same time :)

Dready Mimi
10/02/10 04:25:54PM @dready-mimi:
Natural dreads take different amounts of time depending on what kind of hair you have. My hair is naturally very straight. Not even a whisper of a curl. I began using a cleansing shampoo to rid my hair of all the residues left behind from those fancy shampoos. I stopped using conditioner and I stopped combing. It took my hair about a year to really lock up and I love it! My daughter thinks I need a haircut but this old hippie is loving every twist, turn and bump of my dreads! A couple of them came in pretty thin but I tied them together with some embroidery thread and they a congoing quite nicely. Good luck on your journey. Sometimes it just takes time, patience and a great hat or two! Keep on dreading! ;o)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/24/10 09:16:41AM @soaring-eagle:
sounds like almost every dread salon experiencethey all suck

Hans Christian Sørensen
08/24/10 09:05:26AM @hans-christian-srensen:
I forgot to mention that a little while after I had combed out the waxy dreads I stopped brushing my hair to try out the natural negelct method, but after a month and a half nothing had really happened and I could still pull my brush though it just after a couple of strokes. So I gave up on that method.

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