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By: Hannaaaa
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So after reading around a bit, and just pondering on how my hair works, I decided it would probably be better for me to, instead of going the neglect route, to tnr my hair. My hair is really crazy and bi-polar, and it varies from matting in the back within a few hours, to staying totally knot free for days at a time, so my hair may turn into one giant dread if I just let it go, or stay in it's naturally wavy/curly state for weeks...

Started on the tnr-ing earlier, have about a quarter to a third of my head done, and have about 13 ish so far, give or take. Some are as thick as my thumb or a quarter ish size, and I have a few in the very front, my shorter layer of bangs, are about pencil width.

I can't wait until I have my whole head done, I already love how they're turning out. :) I'll post pictures whenever I can, but no camera at the moment, it might be a few weeks/months. Haha

05/24/12 09:55:05AM @valrie:

I understand what you mean. Before I TnRed certain spots in my hair would matte flush to my scalp overnight (usually in about 5" sections.) In fact, even though I TnRed to help give some guidance, I have 6 that are matting at the base and are really, really hard to rip apart every morning.

05/24/12 04:20:19AM @hannaaaa:

Tara - when my hair gets knotty, it doesn't like toseparateinto nice dread sized pieces, or even close, more like fist sized clumps that will not by any means other than cutting,separate.

SE - Like Isaidabove, its more of a large ball of knots rather than a dread. My hair is basically all or nothing, and from pastexperiencewith my hair, I would've just ended up with one side of my head a ball of knots, and the other waves and curls... If I could, I would just go natural, but I just don't think it's a good route for me.

Tara C
05/24/12 03:55:28AM @tara-c:

They won't turn into a giant dread if you separate. I was worried about that cos my hair is crazy too, but I just separated them often when they would want to join a lot. They section themselves, and if they start joining too thick you just separate them into thinner sections and keep doing that while they do their thing. But ah well, you live and you learn. Keep us updated :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/24/12 01:09:17AM @soaring-eagle:

so you think you should tnr cause some dreads will take hours and others weeks to dread? that makes no sense why dont you wait a few weeks and let it dread?

do you not realize most who go natural wish rtheirs dreaded so easily?

you really should have given it a chance

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