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hank jordan aka  šøfâk¡ñgš¡¢


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lets make an epic once a yr. event

By: hank jordan aka šøfâk¡ñgš¡¢
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we as members of this site should make some kinda "get together" once a year some place unique ,so we can meet one another make new friends share our "tales behind the dreads" for one I would pay to attend an event such as this even if it was just once in my life..

Jane DoDo
12/11/11 08:15:11PM @jane-dodo:

Rainbow Gathering! For Sure!!!

12/05/11 03:51:00PM @deeman:

yeah if it was in the US then there is no wway i could come over :/ but international events would be nice...

12/05/11 02:28:18PM @exalthimx7:

this would be fun, but we are all over the globe, lol

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/05/11 01:56:50PM @soaring-eagle:

theres a dls gathering group for planning some sortas campout type events

but none really got to the final stage tho plans were talked aboiyt

ashley ✿
12/05/11 07:50:05AM @ashley:

agreed. I think this is a great idea. It would be so amazing because i know that we all love to be around other dreadlocked people!

12/05/11 03:52:21AM @knottyprincess:

Let's do it!!! :-P

12/05/11 03:49:26AM @foxpaw:

Why not the next rainbow gathering?

Lupe Espinoza
12/05/11 03:49:05AM @lupe-espinoza:

hank jordan aka  šøfâk¡ñgš¡¢
12/05/11 03:45:58AM @hank-jordan-aka-fkg:
the reason it was so short is cuz im drunk and was trying to fit it into the space you see ppl posting in over there<<< i retyped and retyped trying to get my point across in what lil space i had to work time i fig out i could just do this..well..>>frustrated<< here it is if yah like the idea..lets makit happen, simple..

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