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Ham'diya Mu


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Evolution of my locks... vines today tree roots tomorrow..

By: Ham'diya Mu
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Ok, when I started my lock, it was around the time of the horrific MOVE event here in Philly, Pa.. in fact at the time of this blog it is the anniversary of that inhumane bombing and assination of MOST of the MOVE family including John Afrika and I think 7 or 9 children and several adults I believe 11 people in total..I begining to realize that my mind has a tendancy to blurr horrific events..not deny them just blurr some facts because of the pain and I have lived long enough to have my share of pain be it personal or other wise..

Well with that being said.. I locked my hair not totally out of protest for what happen to those hue-mans but, I was at a serious place in my life of enlightenment and when I saw the MOVE family up close and one on one I was in awe of this ancient style and the thought that my own hair would grow and grow and grow with out chemicals or wigs or weaves.. I KNEW I had arrived..

Well at first I did had concerns about my employment and what in the world would I do if I had locks and I also got flack from friends and family because I had embraced being God forbid..NAPPY!! Yet I locked 16years (maybe longer) I have over 3 feet of hair ok, most of my locks are and now I desire my wispy lock that look like vines to mat up to thick tresses much like tree roots BUT for some reason they won't!! No matter what I do (or don't do) they remain long yet thinner than I want them to be..

Just wondering out loud ..does anyone have any suggestions to thicken my root mass so I can have those nice thick natty roots locks.. and be damned what society thinks!!

Holla back at a sista!!

One Love

Momma 'Diya

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