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The children of today

user image 2011-04-12
By: Ham'diya Mu
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Hey Beloved..

I work with children from the ages of 3 to 6 everyday.. and coming from the prospective of being an activist doing prisoners' rights and fighting the "system" of injustice etc.. working with children though can be a little draining sometimes yetone of the most beautiful and the most rewarding in my life thus far..

Children are the future is such a quaint sentement isn't... but we live in a society that has to debate over funding for schools, will put children in harms ways with insensitive programming and advertisement and has the LARGEST population of incarcerated youth in the developing world NOT to mention will lock a minor up for adult crimes and throw away the key.. something is really screwed up in our society. We have adults that will victimize children..turn them into sexual beings because they are cute and innocent we have a lot of sick puppies out there and these individuals have turn our society in to a paranoid is a matter of few options..

And in our well meaning attends to be "good parents" we sometimes forget that disipline is a form of Love..and we are afraid to correct our children and spoil them rotten with giving them everything money can buy because in our ever growing society.. time is a resource fewer and fewer families have to share so the television or Xbox or iPod or anything to keep our children entertain becomes the parents don't have a clue about setting boundaries let alone guiding children on just common decency let alone manners..

WTF... is going on with we us.. just because the previous generation wasn't your cup of tea that doesn't mean you throw out everything even the positive points that all generation tries to deliever.. yes even your grandparent had some good points to offer (hopefully)..So now what?

Childhood is such a very brief time in a hue-man's live..before long this little being will have its own thoughts, and ideas and rational..( it tickles me when a youth corrects the way I speak because I have an accent of sorts), or explains to me their logic of what is real especially to them..guess what that is cool because they have to get plugged in sometimes quicker than most parents want..sometimes they have to hit the ground running which is so sad..but what is sadder still is that we too often look at children as things or possessions when in actuality children are ALL of our responsibilites..not just the ones you bear or the ones you take care of.. a child is so precious All of us should stand in solidary to protect them, love them , guide them and nuture their imagination and growth..

Did you know in nature, a momma cat is only a good mother "if" her mother was good to her..and men folks..come on many need to get with the real and stand with your children or do your damnest to prevent making them and still you are the male energy that many sons calls hero and your daughters will pattern their future partner with your attributes.. what are you saying?

There is still time to get on the good foot and do what is right, do what is loving for our children all of our children.. just remember if you live to be old and grey..this is the future that will be taking your place and hopefully with love and compassion and a true sense of the value of life. So what have you done for a child today.. remember tomorrow they are the world..

One Love

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