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Time is of the essense

By: Ham'diya Mu
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I don't know about what is going on with each one of you beautiful brothen and sistern.. all I KNOW is that from my spiritual vibes our paths have crossed in the most positive of ways thus far.. I come with no expection except for a little fellowship and fun oh and of course we either have locks or interested in that ancient hair style and that each moment we have life too often we get caught up in the entrapment of what is happening in the world whether it is political or economic beit personal or other wise..that's is just the way life is..and I "sense" many of you are very sensitive with the oppression of the world leaders, the depletion of resources, momma earth cries out in pain from hands who shows her very little love and tenderness.. we all know that all too well.. so from this human"be-ing" I just want to be a human "do-ing' and sent you this email to let you know your presence on the this planet is needed and valued because the energy of love is so powerful and the ultimate healing even in the tiniest concentrated drop.. whether its a smile to a passing stranger or picking up someone else trash they left on the seat of a bus that is can you imagine what would happen if you actually with all intentions practice "random acts of kindness and senseless beauty everyday of every moment of the day regardless if anyone else arounds you do so...Man!

Can you even imagine the karma you would clean up let alone the healing viberation of your mind, body or soul..Stellar! Now it doesn't mean you might not have a bad day from time to time or someone might step on your toes because this is earth not heaven but I personally find each day I practice this the freer my consciousness becomes and the more I can appreciate the finest details of life and the ability to see even clear the light within the gloom.. whether anyone has told you let me be the first YOU are champion warriors of Light and no matter how many times you fall, no matter how many time you just don't make the so-called grade or miss the mark.. YOU still get up brush yourself off there is work to be done..more smiles to be share and more Love to spread..

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Drea Nicole
04/06/11 05:42:49PM @drea-nicole:
wise words! i love the human do-ing part.. + healing vibrations. truely

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