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Ham'diya Mu


Location: Philadelphia, PA
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Country: US


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By: Ham'diya Mu
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Everyday in my life I have to come to terms with what is real..what I have "real-eyes" to the truth of what is really important without losing my humanity or sanity. There are so many illusions of what is real..and what has been created for the masses to get so caught up in that before you know it you have lost so much. Like being employed, money, wealth, equity. And what I have come to discover time and time again is that depending on variables that could be out of one's control, that we live in a society that focuses on you are what you are worth and not who you are but, even within that there are contradictions. So many you will heard abortion is murder yet, our society struggles with quality education in innercity schools, or will judicate a child as an adult and sentence him or her to a life sentence..of course there is the contradiction of race which is always an issue even through we live in times that just because there is person of color in the white house, there are to many factions that are screaming hate and death more than ever in this illusion of solidarity. We are bombarded with fear..always. Be afraid of those who don't look like you,who don't believe like you, that "us against them mindset".Crime is going down yet, on the nightly news crime is the main focus..we have more cop/sci/law and order/cold case shows than ever and images of people of color getting busted on prime time tv than you feel safe yet? We have more people losing their homes to scams of home ownership in the guise of a better life, the American Dream. We have white farms who get paid to not grow food yet in the same scene there are black farms who can't grow food and the gov't don't plan to assist them. It not just farms but their land that they are losing and yet there is growing hungar in the world.We buy bottled water and yet we are blessed to be able to go to the sink turn on the spicket to drinking water that many people could only dream about..we have plenty and we waste so much and yet we have a poverty rate and situations in the richest country in the world that would compare to any third world.. yeah right here in the states.Well..what are we going to do? When the wisdom of the elders are auctioned off for the mere illusion of be thinner, younger, beautiful forever! Well..we who dare call ourselves "in-lighten" we who run off to Rainbow gatherings and chanting ancient incantations and vibin' on psychedelic trances and hemp smoke we who claim to be so centered and so grounded that we have discovered how to reach zen or can download karma for dummies on our laptops or iPhone, we are going to be held accountable. Because the main lesson we totally forgot to practice without question, with every being of every cell in our bodies in every impulse of energy is LOVE..Love can heal but sometimes the healing is a painfully process because Love makes one examine self if applied properly..Love is not blind for it see beauty and the harshness of truth in its attempt to restore wholeness and balance. Love is vigilant it searches for solution because life is worth the time to problem solve. Love is empathic. It can feel the pain or joy of another because its the core of the connection of life. Love is the warrior who fights for the underdog in the sheer sense of justice and "just us". Love appreciates. Love respects. Love nourishes and nutures. Love reaches from the roots of the past to flourish the branches of the present to bare fruit of the future..Love cares it just does.Well... now what, well my friend that is up to you..
09/17/10 10:21:52AM @harlene:
:) i read it again its so nice. i love it!

Island Mamma
09/08/10 04:21:45AM @island-mamma:
I like that quote Ham'diya.

09/08/10 04:09:00AM @dani2:
love your words :))

08/23/10 07:44:44AM @harlene:
yeah! so nice. cool! :)

Ham'diya Mu
08/19/10 03:18:45PM @hamdiya-mu:
So wise person said," Love is the strongest chemical in the universe..that dissolves everything not of itself"...mmm..

Island Mamma
08/05/10 03:53:29PM @island-mamma:
Living in love is the only way to change the world.

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