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Baba Fats
09/25/12 10:00:35PM @baba-fats:

Welcome. Eagles right. If you want locks for just a few years, then keep up with what you're doing. But if you ever decide to take them out, you will not have much hair left to work with.

Crocheting destroys your hair by breaking it up into smaller and smaller pieces. Eventually your tips won't be attached to your scalp. They will be attached to broken hairs, attached to other broken hairs, and others and other, until finally they attach to your scalp. This damage can heal by letting them loosen up and retangle naturally. But, unless you're Houdini, you can't make those broken hairs form back into 1 strand.

And root rubbing only thins out your roots making them weaker and weaker. The roots can get weak enough that they can't support the weight of the lock. And if you do it enough, you can form sores on your scalp. You are rubbing something abrasive against tender skin.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/25/12 05:59:47PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome but crochet and root rubbing are worse then wax ..wax is evil but root rubbing and crochet cause harm that cannot be reopaired

Bryan Mangus
02/09/13 03:47:17PM @morgan5:

Thank youu! :)

01/29/13 10:26:59AM @meg4:

"The show received generally negative reviews from critics after its premiere, who described it as "utterly dreadful television","utterly awful","a new low for television"and "probably the worst programme ever screened in primetime"

01/29/13 10:25:21AM @meg4:

Rofl it's safe to say that I will not be watching that when it comes on. Unless of course I was on the show, and won obviously because i'm awesome.

wyatt walker
12/27/12 01:13:20AM @wyatt-walker:

no for real tho gotta post new pics lol:)

wyatt walker
12/27/12 01:11:10AM @wyatt-walker:

ha look whos blowing up ur wall! ahhh no im done now...adornment :)

wyatt walker
12/27/12 01:09:58AM @wyatt-walker:

heres real tazz the last pic is soo u lol had too! PEACE

wyatt walker
12/27/12 01:07:00AM @wyatt-walker:

PEACE, LOVE Jazzymomma

wyatt walker
12/27/12 01:06:07AM @wyatt-walker:

some of y more recent pics wat happened to urs lol jk

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