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Your experiences

What are your "favorite" stones/crystals to work with?... If you can explain, why are they your favorite ones? Maybe if you have a favorite...
@NaturalDreads01 started 4 years ago - replies: 0

Crystals and water

I just wanted to list some crystals that do nooot do well in water. Crystals that will dissolve in water: Angelite Ulexite Selenite Celesite(not...
@NaturalDreads01 started 4 years ago - replies: 0
Mandi Carte

New to Meditation

Hi, i began meditating about 4 mos ago due to health probs that modern medicine wasnt solving, and had been dealing with this for 3 yrs in misery....
@Mandi Carte started 4 years ago - replies: 11
☮ soaring eagle ॐ

new sites been updated needs testing in preperation for profile customization

the new site was just updated to a new theme in preparation of the upcoming addition of profile customization...
@☮ soaring eagle ॐ started 4 years ago - replies: 0
Baba Fats

"Natural flavors"

So I was eating a bag of chips the other day, and for the most part, I trust some of the chemicals that are listed on the ingredients of "natural"...
@Baba Fats started 4 years ago - replies: 3
Little Wing

Experts on natural method, step by step here!

Hi! I got done in 2012 dreadlocks by crochet and backcombed method. In the beginning they looked good, but as any artificial method, as I started...
@Little Wing started 4 years ago - replies: 6
Rheana Hayes

Crystal Healing Sleeves!

Yay! I found a seller on etsy who makes macrame rings with healing crystals attached. I talked to her a bit about making me a sleeve like one of...
@Rheana Hayes started 4 years ago - replies: 1
Rheana Hayes

The Ways I Plan to Love My Locks

Some energy experiments for my first natural hair evolution. Reiki and visualization, hands on crown, every night before bed and in the morning....
@Rheana Hayes started 4 years ago - replies: 0
☮ soaring eagle ॐ

Worse Nuclear Disaster in History Being Cleaned Up by Untrained Homless Men Unprotected Paid Next to Nothing

The worse nuclear disaster to ever happen, after the tsunami is being cleaned up by a group of untrained homeless paid under minimum wage (having...
@☮ soaring eagle ॐ started 4 years ago - replies: 0

Baking Soda = Clean Dreads... and Shower!

Anyone else notice their shower takes a lot longer to need cleaning? My shower stays looking as clean as the day I moved in for months longer than...
@Sarahface started 4 years ago - replies: 0
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