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@greyslacka • 2 years ago
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/12/17 09:33:14AM @soaring-eagle:


but got to warn you wax is a scam! its the number 1 dread killer

it must be removed with wax b gone..or better yet start over without wax

wax is a dread killer!!! it will never actually dread with wax in them

it will only begin toi dread once its removbed...even if they survived 5 years with wax in them (less then 1% survive 3 years) they wont be dreaded and when the wax is removed they revert to a stage they would be in at 2 weeks to 2 months if wax was never used

read up on the site on all the disasters wax caused ..literally about 8,000 members lost several sets of dreads to wax

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