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Greg Lokey


Location: Marbella
Country: ES


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Ok so I wanted to make a timeline since the ones Ive seen have helped me out so much and gotten me really excited about the whole process.

I wanted to get a bit further before I started posting, but I decided to just get to it.

BEFORE: Pretty old pic but my hair has always been like this

2nd DAY: Really excited!

1 WEEK: At a bbq!

2 WEEKS: You cant really tell how frizzy my head actually is in these hahaha ive been wearing a wool tam to bed everynight and taking a dip in the ocean every couple days.

Ill update again soon!


Left side

Right side

And I have these little fuzzles forming from loose hairs, I havent messed with them at all, are these baby dreads already???

ABOUT 1 MONTH!!!! Ive finally figured out that im not going to be doing alot of "controlling" and im done trying. Loving having crazy hair all over the place and im starting to get loops and very tight knots!!

Starting to congo in a few place, I think ill just leave them alone and see what happens!

My biggest one right now, its about the size of a crayola marker hahahaa! Its also started to congo with another.

Well thats that! Ill update again in about a month!

Hahaha ok so maybe its been around 7 months now but heres my progress, sorry its a bit hard to see on the count of I had to take them with my webcam.

Wow! I didnt realize how much progress had been made until taking these pictures! Getting there! Ive lost track of time completely... I think its been around 7 months now? Or 8?.... Well around there! Theyve tightened up ALOT at the roots! Lovin it!

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