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By: Green Thumb Gardener
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Greetings fellow dreadlock lovers.. I've been having repetitive nightmares about having smooth hair or my dreadlocks falling off so I felt it time to reach out.. If anyone else is having or has had these types of dreams, please comment on this blog.I've had dreams where I woke up to a couple dreads on my pillow and a piece of my scalp still attached to them! And in the same dream they keep falling off and I'd find like 10 dreads lined up with a huge piece of scalp connected! I've also had dreams where I no longer have dreads, just really silky straight hair. Other dreams where I have fully formed dreads one second but then feel them and they're all soft and unformed. If I was a psychology major, I'd be able to psyco analyze the nightmares and seek out a remedy. Alas I am but a mere hippie mom waking up in fear and clutching on to my dreads to make sure they're still there... :0( any help and/or support is welcomed :0) peace and love my brothas and sistas <3
03/02/13 11:53:57AM @coloursnrainbows:
Nimbostratus I just watched that! Very interesting. I love dreams.

03/02/13 10:11:40AM @nimbostratus:
if you have netflix watch it now you should look up "what are dreams" by nova. its really interesting to see where dreams come from :)

03/02/13 10:07:21AM @nimbostratus:
i think everyone goes through this when their body goes through a change. when i first got braces i had dreams all the time that my teeth were falling out. maybe its just a subconscious thing that happens when you are sleeping and your body feels different than normal in your most relaxed state. anyways i agree with jesse it could be anything in your life that should be "shed". dreams take form by taking bits and pieces of your daily life and transforming them and mixing them with feelings so it is hard to comeup with a remedy except maybe to clear your mind before bed.

03/02/13 09:33:42AM @pixiebird:
I can not tell you how thankful I was when I stopped having nightmares like that! When I first started (twist n rip) I only did the bottom so I had 12 for a month. And I kept having these vivid dreams where my dreads and regular hair were falling out!! But they have stopped after my whole head is done. So it'll pass! Hang in there!

Green Thumb Gardener
02/28/13 12:16:55PM @green-thumb-gardener:
It means so much to me that you commented on this blog. It's really good to know that I'm not alone when it comes to having nightmares. That is pretty awesome though that you read this the day after you had a nightmare. That way you know you're not alone as well ;0) Again, I truly can't thank you enough for commenting on my blog. It means a lot knowing someone's there and going through the same thing :0)

jesse demato
02/27/13 10:54:57PM @jesse-demato:
I just had a dream last night that I woke up and it looked like my hair was pulled back so tight I couldn't see it in the mirror. I just had a feeling the dreads were gone. I just couldn't see my hair. and my sideburns were cut off in a malicious manner. I think my dreams are due to a relationship crashing and burning to an eventual ugly ending. the sooner I get out of this situation I should sleep better. analyze your life and shed any unnecessary conflicts in your life.can't believe I read this the night after my dream. this was my longest response to anything but I just had to.

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