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The Mind

By: Green Thumb Gardener
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The mind is a funny tool, so powerful yet fragile at the same time. Complex as it may seem, all we do starts with a single thought that expands into this amazing idea put in play. Efforts, narrow paths, PATIENCE, steady rythm, remembering to breathe, seeing, feeling, thinking, knowing, hoping, praying, living, laughing, being... Full of life and what it all entails... LIFE is such a wonderful thing :o)

Green Thumb Gardener
02/14/13 06:00:16PM @green-thumb-gardener:
Indeed thoughts and mind can be deemed separate entities yet one in the same considering they're in the same vicinity. Such as the brain or its surrounding tissue, physical as it may seem, its still apart of us.My message in "The Mind" is simple. Love and be loved. No matter the consequence. Ideas can arise at the drop of a dime, its our choice through self control to keep the focus, maintain patience, remember to see through different eyes, feel, breathe, to love, and be kind.Keep it simple because life and all it has brought and has yet to bring, is beautiful and good. There is always something to learn. Even through trial and tribulation.No need to twist something as simple as that.Love and be loved <3 that's all

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/14/13 12:14:34AM @soaring-eagle:

but what is a mind is it a brain is it a function of the brain..hearts have simular measurable energies that change in responce to thought and feelings much like brainwaves do both are measurable outside the body as well

so are thougfhts.ideas feelings a function of mind..brain..heart..or a combination of all..self

our thoughts can grasp the concept of mind but not the definition nor pinpoint its location

yes we understand theres electrical nerve impulses chemivcal changes all that affect the thought processes the way we feel and think..but then is mind simply chemical or electrical

some who live inside the mind philosophers and thinkers may believe the mind is us..our being our consousness and individuality..but then would we cease to be ourselves if a portion of the brain stopped working or changed in function changing our personality or sanity?

often people say "irs like yoir re4ading my mimd" whats that really meab anyway?

to me it means "its like you know who i am"

so..the mind am the mind..its the part of you that realizwes you are you

but i wonder whar mindlessness would be then to mindlessly wase a day to mindlessly perform an action would that meabn to ddo something not as go through the motions and not know its you who are doing it?

ok..see...i..the me i am am not even sure if that was my brain or my mind writting all that

the Barrellady
02/13/13 11:58:32PM @the-barrellady:

Yes it is, LIFE is a very wonderful thing. Sometimes we need to read or hear words like yours to remind us, thank you

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