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Location: Marseille
Country: FR


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/02/11 12:44:09PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome u got to wash your dreads ofcourse they will smell if they are dirty

the fact is they love being clean they love being washed and washing helps them dread

anthony malette aka TMan
06/16/10 08:44:54AM @devin3:
thnks 4 the whats up?

Chloe Alexandra
06/10/10 07:50:16PM @chris-taylor:
ah! ok, i guess the needle gave them that clean look. thats how i started mine, but now im just letting them do their thing.

anthony malette aka TMan
06/06/10 02:44:35PM @devin3:
hey thnks 4 da ur dreads

Chloe Alexandra
06/04/10 09:29:17AM @chris-taylor:
how did you do your dreads?

Chloe Alexandra
06/03/10 11:27:03PM @chris-taylor:
hello! your dreads look really good :-)

Dilon M
06/02/10 03:38:08AM @lydia-hart: map is in real time i believe so as people sign up they show up. I'm west coast and used the map to find other westies.. hope it helps. good luck and peace.

Charlie Mornin
05/31/10 03:26:52AM @blue-swallow:
Hey your dreads look good for a month no joke!

Johnathan Stephens
05/31/10 01:12:17AM @diane-call:
You're welcome. Nice to hear that, I think I'm going to give that a try.Thanks again for answering :)

Johnathan Stephens
05/30/10 03:00:35AM @diane-call:
Hello and welcome to the forum.Quick question: how has the Johnson and Johnson shampoo worked for you? Any problems?Pretty sweet dreads by the way!

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