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Help :( i need advice !

user image 2013-07-26
By: Graciela Moreno
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Hello there ! I'm new to all this, just made my account today we go (:
I was wondering if anyone can give me advice !
I've had my dreads for 4 months.. started them myself with rip & tear ...
my roots are growing out and some dreads are splitting at the root.
I'm aware that its just naturally sectioning itself...I'm trying to avoid the crochet hook.
but what can I do to prevent them from splitting :( ?

the Barrellady
07/28/13 01:43:20AM @the-barrellady:

Hi Graclela......When you did your t&R, What size are the sections?...That is where the hair meets the root. ...Dreads go through many changes in the first couple of years. At first the roots are bout 3-4 inches loose, then once mature, they are only about 1 inch loose. Loose roots are good, it allows the dreads to move and dance without causing scalp stress. So yeah, that is the natural separating of where they wanted to be, in time it will get used to being how you sectioned them and they will tighten up. If you section is larger than 1 inch, you can divinde it to make it smaller, as anything larger will take soo long to dry when mature......

If you sections are the right size for you, then don't worry about a thing, they will slowly lock up together and form a beautiful dread for you...peace

07/27/13 10:51:33PM @gingerrose:
As I understand it, the splits are where your natural sections would have been. You could just leave them and see if they re-join on their own... But that could be a bigger risk than you'd like to take. You could do a criss cross wrap to encourage them to join together, but you may have to keep doing that to keep them that way. You could very carefully, hair by hair, split them apart... I am not far along enough to advise - Baba Fats has a video on regular separating, which is usually done bottom up. Whether or not its a good idea to do it in reverse is beyond my skill level. You could also brush the splitting ones out completely with conditioner and let them re-form how they want over time. Whatever you decide, allow yourself to relax - it will work out. :)

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