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My Tattoos So Far

Benhamin Tyrsson
12/04/13 04:12:10AM

I only have pictures of 3 of them, out of four.

My family is all heavily tattooed, to most peoples standards, and I plan on having a body suit when I am finished.

3 out of four of mine are Religious tattoos, and symbols from Asatru.

First one: Valknut. Odin's Knot, also known as Knot of the Slain. It has several meanings. One is the Valknut it's self is your inner self, and the rune circle is the world, as each Nordic Rune represents a part of the world. Another is Dedication to Odin.

Number two: My entire life people have called me a "Blue Eyed Devil" and I always liked the term, to be quite honest, so I got it inked.

Number 3: Neo-Traditional Viking Skull with a Heritage Rune on the sword handle.

Not pictured: A custom drawn Viking skull with a Tiwaz Rune on the helmet. The Tiwaz rune is the Warrior rune, as well as standing for Justice, and sacrifice. It is Tyr's Rune. The Nordic Warrior God of Justice. He gave his hand to protect his family, hence why he is also the God of Sacrifice.

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