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2016 end of year update

user image 2016-12-07
By: ginger.rose
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I started natural/patience/neglect in summer of 2012 – here it is 2016 and I am still not fully knotted yet. I have to laugh. But still going and this year I finally have enough knots to lose track of the count and have to separate daily to keep things under control.

I had difficulty figuring out how to manage the water here... it's a well and it's just weird water. I figured out with my hair texture (2B/2C wavy, brown/red/blonde, style-resistant) to NEVER use clay of any kind. It absolutely kills my hair–sucks the life out of it– and I had to cut a bunch of fried locks off at the mid-point back a couple of years ago which really sucked... and then I tried a different recipe this spring with much less clay and it happened again. I'm still finding massive tree-like split ends this week (winter) so I might lose my ends again in the coming year. And for shampoos unfortunately Vickie's bars leave a bad residue with my water so I had to stop using them on my head. So for washing these days I use Vital Goods shampoo bars (occasionally liquid) every 2-5 days with diluted ACV rinse and 1-2x per month BS with diluted ACV rinse to clarify because the shampoos still leave something behind. If I do BS too often my hair gets brittle but this occasional use seems to be a good compromise. And at least once per month I try to just soak and scrub everything good with plain warm water and no other cleaning agents, to give the hair and scalp a chemical rest.

I'm sorry there are no photos available right now – I just wanted to jump on here and record the progress before another month or year went by!

If anyone is having trouble with things taking "too long" I'm happy to answer any questions I can... Or just to offer some friendly support. I am happy that I didn't do much to try and speed things up, because it's really become a special journey to me. I've matured and I have been able to take a lot of time to reflect on the symbolism this holds for me, practice letting go of expectations, etc.

Cheers and have a happy new year

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/06/17 07:35:24PM @soaring-eagle:

some places may offer a free look at it to verify that's the issue

02/03/17 03:02:24PM @gingerrose:

Thanks this is probably the issue because of who replaced that water heater years ago. It's also possible that it's old and coated up so badly that it's no longer working right. Next time I'm in a place to make repairs and updates to equipment I will definitely check this out.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/03/17 02:56:44PM @soaring-eagle:

check your hot water heater

well water and city/county/state whatever water requires a diferent rod  of some sort in the hot water heater

this rod i guess  somehow traps certain minerals or something..i don't know the details

all i know is 1 member that had the exact same issues as you  had her hot water heater checked they said the rod in it was not appropriate for well water and it was changed and instantly all he issues went away

that's the one and only time i ever heard anyone having the issues you describe so its vey likely to be the same cause

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