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Dreams of Locks

By: ginger.rose
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I dreamt last night that I had locks as fat as half dollars... I could see myself, as if looking in a mirror. I recall having to find a large enough band to hold them back from my face. They were much fatter than what I'd had in mind... But it felt good to have some glimpse of a possible future :)
Diego F.
03/10/13 12:35:37PM @diego-f:

ayeah ginger, i'm a experient dreamer [i have lucid dreams 4x a week]. One good thing to the ones who need to remember dreams, aside from the exercises, is to take some melatonin.

Supa Dread
03/10/13 09:37:26AM @supa-dread:
my lock dreams were nightmares, i always dreamed tgey fell off during sleep, then id wake up in the dream n look in the mirror n see a bald head. then id wake up in real life in a panic, n check my head. Scary shit, but that was only in the beginning, i no longer have those drwams.

03/10/13 08:46:46AM @gingerrose:
Sometimes I think that kind of dream, and the one I had are the brain sorting out likes and dislikes from thousands of possible futures. If that is the case, then I wonder if we only recall the ones that were emotionally intense ;)There are some exercises to recall dreams, if you want to take it that far - like as soon as you wake, jot down anything you recall - even if it's "What did I dream?" Asking that or a similar question in the morning, plus maybe writing down "I recall my dreams" at night may produce some interesting results :)

Diego F.
03/09/13 10:30:26PM @diego-f:

usually i don't have good dreads about dreads... in fact i have nightmares... ;(

i remember one that i had mature natural locks, but it was like my hair was straight [my hair is curly] and i had few dreads [something like all my hair made only 5 giant dreads] and they were green... i remember that i felt desperate looking in the mirror... eventually i felt that this is impossible and i became lucid, and i woke up

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