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dreadlocks shampoo
George Toulouse


Location: GBR
Country: GB


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/14/11 01:32:10AM @soaring-eagle:

Anthony Armstrong
01/05/14 10:23:24PM @anthony-armstrong:
Sempre bom encontrar outro brasileiro! Hahaha! Tambm sou msico, meu cabelo parecido com o seu e tambm vou seguir pelo neglect... Muito prazer, cara! :)

06/27/13 06:17:39PM @darkstar:

When they're that short, you may need to separate a bit more often. Just make sure you don't separate to the point that you can see your scalp in between the sections

Lovely Angel
06/02/13 12:42:28PM @lovely-angel:

Yeah we have very similar hair,

you are from brazil? im from argentina

in witch city are you?

i have family in sao paulo.

wyatt walker
03/18/13 07:01:29PM @wyatt-walker:

no im not using seal salt nothing wrong with it tho i just wash with dread bar soap and air dry lol about it hhahaha :D:D

wyatt walker
02/18/13 01:23:59PM @wyatt-walker:

hi thanks for request bro :) peace an ove b with u cool journey so far right lol nice pics i loved to loppy stange im almost over that part noe my locs r locking tight now :) well check em out lol i got timeline just click me name on knotty chat online list on arrow view page and timelines on side of page :) peace

Bob Davison2
11/30/12 05:52:12AM @brandon-tomaselli:

All right muy friend !

First let me tell you , you are "WELL COME" , in muy Friend' Gallery.

I listend the music from your Musical Group , I thing , that is a interesting project that you have , also

I thing that your group , have a so nice sound .

Would you like to do a test wiht some vocal ?

I have some curiosity , what is your complete name ?

Well , was so nice to knew you , I hope that you have a nice week - end.



Marc Fisher
10/08/12 04:25:17PM @marc-fisher:

Big up!

Lindsey Trane D
10/08/12 02:16:02PM @lindsey-trane-d:

Hi, how are you doing? Thanks for the friend request :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/02/12 04:13:23PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome neglect and crochet are polar opposites i would never recomend crochet its extremely bad for dreads

neglects best way by far

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