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Gary Charlesworth


Location: Cambs
Country: GB


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By: Gary Charlesworth
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I finally got round to having some guys over for a jam session. It didn't go that well. The guy I got to play bass basically just tuned up, stayed for an hour then made some excuse about going to help a friend assemble some furniture! Obviously the music doesn't flow with him!The guy I had for accoustic guitar is a great musician. Unfortunatly his style of playing is so soft, you can't hear him over anything else! It would have been easier if his guitar stand hadn't decided to eat his electro-accoustic.We got half a track recorded, and it wasn't really that good.But I could still feel the music flowing, so yeaterday and today, I secluded myself from the world and recorded a cool song in 3/4 timing.I've never written or recorded in 3/4 so had no idea what to expect. But it turned out pretty good.I put a dreamy sort of guitar effect on the main guitar and put a distorted guitar over that to give a bit of ooomph. It gave it a bit of depth. And the bass over it makes it a bit more complete.The drums were done on my keyboard. I don't play drums, and it's quite difficult to write drum parts in 3/4, when everything you own is designed to play in 4/4. So I did them on the keyboard. They don't sound too bad, some parts could be better (the third chorus I somehow forgot I had a snare to work with!)The interesting part though, is the vocals. I did the first take and screwed up the third verse. Instead of recording over what I already had (which I always do) I did a separate take on another track with no screw ups, but had left the other vacal track on as well. The result, quite by accident, is really cool! So I did a re-take of the first vocal take, put one slightly to the left, and the other slightly to the right.The lyrics remind me a bit of Working Class Hero by John Lennon with a bit of Norwegian Wood by The Beatles thrown in for good measure. Well I say remind me of, I was just thinking about those two songs when I was writting. I'll post the lyrics another time if people want me to.Go check it out... I call it A Room With A View. It's at hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it. And I'm not saying that as a cliche, I actually mean it! I can still feel the mojo working as well, so expect more tunes to be uploaded soon!On the dread front, I found a mental loop forming on one of my tips, I'll post a photo when I can!
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