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Gabriel Schubert


Location: Center Line, MI
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user image 2013-02-13
By: Gabriel Schubert
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At the first time i started last year around march. I was not dreading for the right reasons. I realize it is a lifestyle and not a hairstyle now. I have embraced this and am now living it out. This forum is amazing and helped me realize that. I have been going all natural now for about a month and a half with two twist and rip dreads.(the hair would always get in my face i only did this to keep it out of the way.) and i can already see progress. When i tried backcombing all it did was make me selfconsciousand feeling inadequate. I know now that natural should be the way everyone does it because of the amazinggratificationyou get when you see your hair doing what it wants and now what you try to force it to do. The journey is different this time. It has only brought me joy, Waking up to find another tiny little knot is probably the greatest feeling in the world. I know they will grow up big and strong one day in their own time and who am I to force that? Thank you eagle and the others who take the time to run this site so well. It is amazing and has helped me in my life.

the Barrellady
02/13/13 05:56:58PM @the-barrellady:

Hi Gabriel. There really is no right or wrong reason to dread. For some it is spiritual, for some it's because they always loved dreads, for others it's a hairstyle for the moment, for some it is to say f*ck the system and so on. When it is spiritual, soulful or a deep creative sense, many of these people will go the organic route. When it is only a hairstyle, many go the salon &/or wax route for instant artificial looking dreads. We all have different pulls to the dread journey, but never for the wrong reason, but for our own reason at the time.

I am glad that yours are now for the amazing journey and experience of rebirth to the dreads, they will be a huge part of you know. Happy Dreading

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/13/13 05:07:44PM @soaring-eagle:
very well put

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