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Frida Virrueta


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Finally took of my dreads

By Frida Virrueta, 2013-07-18

I cleary did not know enough about dreads but of course I though I did because thats a mistake us humans sometimes make thinking we know everything when we dont and thats okay because we can experience and then learn from it like i did with this croche method :) My dreads are tone know and it feels so good I will most def. never let near a croche hook to my hair. My hair is really damaged and thin right now and honestly it sucks and I feel bad for it because hair needs to be treated nicely but I did what I did. I honestly have about a 60% of hait of the 100% I use to have, oh well...

Ps. I left one dread in memmory of the well learned of mistake I made and well I also kind of wanted to keep it (:

And heres a picture of the last 6 dreads I had to remove it took me 2 days to remove those

the one i left is the one with the green string

May you all have a wonderful day/night Inhale positivy and exhale negativy always remember

Dont sweat it :) <3 <3 <3

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