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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Sarasota, FL
Zipcode: 34243
Country: US

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sun and moon tat
Spider web with my name in it
minnie tat
mickey tat
paw prints
Cat on me boob.
On my back
i bet u wanna know what im thinkin
hehe i like makin weird faces


10/25/09 10:43:01AM @rbn:
i only have 25 credits left so i've had to find a free one lol.

10/25/09 10:31:03AM @rbn:
yeah its a good idea to get someone else to do it for you. i got my friends to do it and it took 11 hours without stopping. good luck with it. it will look very good. your hair's very good now but it will be also good when you have dreads.

10/21/09 03:47:19PM @d:
I just wanted to stop by and say hi. I hope you find everything you are looking for and more... Keep on posting and I'll keep on reading. Best of luck on your dreadie/life journey!

does it matter
10/21/09 02:31:31AM @does-it-matter:
nice lil friendship gift :P haha im zak

Electric Mama
10/20/09 12:08:57AM @electric-mama:
haha thanks! thats actually my sons play room lol. and i so know what u mean bout the checks! i feel the same way!

Electric Mama
10/20/09 12:07:53AM @electric-mama:
haha, just keeping it real

Lonnie Berg
10/19/09 11:50:39PM @lonnie-berg:
You're really very Beautiful just as you are momma and gettin dreaded out is only gonna add to that. You'll be Beautiful if your hair's black or red, IMHO

Lonnie Berg
10/19/09 08:29:10PM @lonnie-berg:
You'll be even gorgeous with red hair, I can't wait.Luvn' Huugggzzzz

Electric Mama
10/19/09 07:46:03PM @electric-mama:
i like your braids too! they are cute!

Electric Mama
10/19/09 06:05:50PM @electric-mama:
nice! well good luck on ur journey!

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